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Unitec 'Influx', part of Studio Christchurch, CityUps, FESTA 2014.

Unitec ‘Influx’, part of Studio Christchurch, CityUps, FESTA 2014. Image: Peanut Productions Photography

“A design is not considered as the beginning of a linear process but as a phase in a continuous cycle of creation and recreation, use and reuse.” - Superuse Studios

The theme for Christchurch’s 2016 Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) is ‘We Have the Means’. FESTA takes place biennially over 21-24 October and is a free, public event that engages with creatives to collaboratively imagine Christchurch differently. During FESTA, creative projects, activities and new events bring life to the central city and give citizens a chance to experiment with new urban ideas. FESTA is presented and produced by Te Pūtahi – Christchurch centre for architecture & city-making.

This year’s festival will draw on the pioneering approach to sustainable design and city-making developed by Superuse Studios in Rotterdam. Superuse Studios have a unique systems-based approach to sustainable design and FESTA is going to be using their Harvest Map to show materials available for reuse in Christchurch and in FESTA projects.

The ‘means’ FESTA wants to celebrate are two-fold: citizens who have a passion for the city’s ongoing development and material resources – especially waste streams, that are available for reuse in urban projects to create ethical objects of beauty and function; and identifying and using the means that are already available in Christchurch and through this process opening up new possibilities. 

Planning is underway for the festival now and expressions are invited from architects, designers, individuals, collectives, community groups, businesses, artists, schools, youth organisations and more who want to be part of creating projects and events as part of the FESTA 2016 programme on Labour Weekend 21-24 October.

Email your proposal before June 30 to For more information on FESTA 2016, see here

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