Milan report part 1: Resident

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The walls and floor of Resident's stand after 3 days.

The walls and floor of Resident’s stand after 3 days. Image: courtesy Resident

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Resident has had the help of some fantastic Italian carpenters.

Resident has had the help of some fantastic Italian carpenters. Image: courtesy Resident

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On-site at the Milan Furniture Fair.

On-site at the Milan Furniture Fair. Image: courtesy Resident

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Simon James and Scott Bridgens from Resident report from behind the scenes at the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair.

In previous years we have focused on offsite shows for our Milan presentation, however this year we have moved our attention to the fairgrounds and the main show, Euroluce.

With 300,00 people coming to Milan design week, this change to the fairgrounds will allow our products to be seen by a much wider audience. 

After a 24 hour flight and nine 11 hour days of building the stand, we are almost ready to open.

More to follow as the week unfolds!

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