SGA & A+W•NZ prefab build workshop

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Kitchen/dining space.

Kitchen/dining space. Image: render Strachan Group Architects

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Living area.

Living area. Image: render Strachan Group Architects

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North-west entry.

North-west entry. Image: render Strachan Group Architects

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Site location.

Site location. Image: render Strachan Group Architects

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Kaikoura Island, Hauraki Gulf.

Kaikoura Island, Hauraki Gulf.

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Strachan Group Architects (SGA) and Architecture+Women•NZ have teamed up to create a prefab building for the Motu Kaikoura Trust that will replace their building on Kaikoura Island that was destroyed by arson.

Living area. Image:  render Strachan Group Architects

The Kaikoura Island Lodge is located on the southern side of Kaikoura Island, which sits to the west of Great Barrier Island. In March 2013, the communal 150m2 kitchen/living/dining building with deck to view was destroyed by arson. The replacement of these facilities is required to meet current and future requirements of Kaikoura Island and the Trust’s vision.

The new building, designed by SGA, will be prefabricated at the SGA and Crate Innovation Ltd workshops in Kingsland and barged to Kaikoura Island, where it will be heli lifted into place and assembled. 

The design utilises prefinished floor cartridges, wall cartridge and SIP (structurally insulated panel) roof and cabinetry.

The team for the build workshop comprises 16 practicing architects, graduates and those in suspension:

  • Nicola Herbst, Herbst Architects
  • Pip Newman, Unitec tutor – sponsored by ArchitectureNow
  • Katie Corner, Cobalt Architecture and Design, voluntary suspension
  • Gaynor Eade, Sage Architects
  • Krupa Patel, Woods Architects – sponsored by Gib (Winstone Wallboards)
  • Jane Waldegrave, Jane Waldegrave Architect – sponsored by Resene
  • Katherine Hebden, Stevens Lawson Architects – sponsored by NZ Panels Group
  • Elspeth Gray, Stevens Lawson Architects
  • Georgina Gray, Constructure
  • Aishwarya Basrur, RTA
  • Terese Fitzgerald, RTA 
  • Anna Boow (Lockyear), Herbst Architects
  • Lauren van Tiel, Cheshire Architects
  • Divya Purushotham, Warren and Mahoney Architects
  • Lily Wong, Warren and Mahoney Architects
  • Yenegh Badimayalew, architectural graduate, self-employed – sponsored by APL Industries

The workshop starts 22 July and ends with the installation on Kaikoura Island in November/December.

ArchitectureNow is proud to be a sponsor of this exciting project. Sponsorship opportunities are still available, contact A+W•NZ here. 

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