Waterfall Bay House: video

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Waterfall Bay House by Bossley Architects, Marlborough Sounds.

Waterfall Bay House by Bossley Architects, Marlborough Sounds.

Simon Devitt, photographer of architecture, has just released a moving image narrative of a Pete Bossley-designed home deep in the Marlborough Sounds. The home was constructed 13 years ago for cinematographer Michael Seresin. 

Devitt comments, “Until recently, I’ve been reluctant to add moving images to my repertoire as a photographer. I’ve seen a lot of very good moving image work within the architecture community, but most of it feels a lot like television to me; fast moving, dramatic sweeping pans or tilts.

“My attempt as a photographer is to create pictures and picture stories that in some way convey to the viewer what it feels like to be there, at the house, by the fire, on the land. I want my moving images to reflect this intention as well. That the still images can sit alongside and complement the moving images, creating a dialogue between the two.”

Watch the moving image narrative below, with Pete Bossley as narrator.

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