Designday 2015: FAQs

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Designday 2015: FAQs


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Designday 2015: FAQs


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Designday 2015: FAQs


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All you need to know about Designday Pro and Urbis Designday.

Registrations are free for accredited design professionals to Designday Pro (Friday 20 March) and Urbis Designday (Saturday 21 March).

Q. What is Designday Pro?

Designday Pro is a new and highly-targeted event earmarked solely for accredited architecture and design professionals.

Q. What is Urbis Designday?

Urbis Designday is New Zealand’s premier public design event and one of the most anticipated dates on the design calendar. It’s a celebration of design and original thinking, anchored by the credibility of Urbis magazine.

Q. When will the two events take place?

Designday Pro: Friday, 20 March from 10am – 9pm.
Urbis Designday: Saturday, 21 March 2015 from 10am – 5pm

Q. Where will the two events take place?

Across different design locations, dotted around the Auckland suburbs of Parnell, Eden Terrace and Newmarket on both days.

Q. What can I expect to see?

Designday Pro: Expect a day of education, information and inspiration, and a fun new way to network with clients and peers.

Urbis Designday: At each stop, there will be a different design installation – something completely unique that you wouldn’t encounter on any other day – created by a design collaboration between a showroom and its creative partner. Many showrooms will also be releasing new products and will have special offers on the day.

Q. How do I get around all the different showrooms? 

Free transport will be provided to all registered accredited professionals – from 4pm-9pm on Friday, 20 March; and from 10am-5pm on Saturday, 21 March.

The transport will run in a continuous circuit so you can start anywhere and at any time, and continue to the next stop from there. Look out for the Resene-branded mini vans. These will stop next to the Designday flags outside each design stop.

Q. When will I receive my Designday pass?

If you are an accredited design professional and have already registered for Designday Pro and Urbis Designday, your pass (an event booklet and wristband) will be posted to you on 10 March 2015. If you have not received your pass by 18 March, email or call 09 846 2722.

If you are an accredited design professional and did not register for Designday Pro and Urbis Designday before 5pm on 13 March, you will need to collect your pass (an event booklet and wristband) from Designday HQ, White Studio, 30 Burleigh Street, Eden Terrce, on Saturday, March 21 from 10am onwards. Your name will be on the door list; you will not miss out.

Q. What is the wristband for?

 You will need to have this on your wrist at all times for free access to the transport, hospitality and the various design installations. By registering your wristband at (from 11 March onwards), you can also go in the draw to win a Rocket coffee machine and vote in the People’s Choice Award.

Q. Is there a Designday bag for me to collect? 

Yes, these will be available at all the showrooms on the day. If the showroom you start at has run out of bags, the next showroom on the tour should have one.

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