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The Medium Density Housing Summit takes place at the Pullman Hotel, Auckland on 5 and 6 April.

The Medium Density Housing Summit takes place at the Pullman Hotel, Auckland on 5 and 6 April.

Medium density housing across New Zealand cities is on the rise – nearly 60 per cent of new consents in Auckland city and inner city suburbs over the past year have been for medium density construction.

The Medium Density Housing Summit will cover everything you need to know to ensure that you and your practice are prepared for and understand the challenges faced when designing 3–6 storey structures.

Learn from experts in their fields about why we need to be embracing medium density, the importance of acoustics, and the legislation and regulations around fire, weather tightness, structure and cladding.

Be inspired by leading international and local architects as they showcase how medium density design can be creative and exciting while also benefiting the environment and enhancing the communities we live in.


Day One: Wednesday 5 April: 9am – 4.30pm

  • Andrew Maynard, Austin Maynard Architects
    Melbourne’s Nightingale example – challenges in relation to planning process and views on design
  • Dr. Duncan Joiner, Chief Architect MBIE
    Future – why we as an agency are working on MDH and what it means for regional and national planning
  • Gerald Blunt, Project Manager MDH programme
    Overview – general issues of MDH which necessitate a particular approach to design
  • Mark Todd, Ockham Residential
    The central design issues of Medium Density Housing
  • Michael Belsham, Chief Fire Engineer MBIE & Christine Duncan, Fire Engineer MBIE
    Fire regulations – Fire safety design and standards
  • Yasmin Merwood, Advisor MBIE
    Acoustics – how to design for close proximity of neighbours and the potential for greater noise effects
  • Building Code [TBA]
    Regulations – challenges with weather tightness, structure and cladding

Day Two: Thursday 6 April: 9am – 4pm

  • Pete Bossley, Bossley Architects
    Design Exemplars – International and local projects that adopt interesting approaches to the development of medium density living
  • Verney Ryan, Beacon Pathway
    Designing for your community – sustainability, efficiency and environmental factors
  • Cymon Allfrey, Cymon Allfrey Architects
    Practice Management – Ensuring you have the right team, skill sets and are prepared as a practice
  • Nicholas Dalton & Stirling Burrows, TOA Architects
    Integration of culture – Designing for different cultural groups and incorporating social requirements and needs
  • Lawyer [TBA]
    Property Law – Issues of boundary definition, bodies corporate and maintenance

More information and registration for the summit here.

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